Habitech designs a diverse range of housing using our modular construction system and is looking for builders to work with in delivering high quality homes for our clients. Building with our modular system delivers a range of benefits to the builders we work with and can offer you:

  • A structured way to win and price projects without wasting your time
  • Reduced construction time -getting your build weathertight and secure within weeks
  • Reduced errors
  • Guaranteed strength and thermal performance of completed projects
  • On-site support in managing clients, progress payments and training in the installation of our modular panels
  • Reduced project complexity and the time you spend on red tape and invoicing
  • Allows you to build more projects each year

We operate a design practice employing architects to design individual houses and extensions for a range of clients, with current projects in Melbourne, regional VIC, TAS, NSW, ACT, SA and New Zealand. Designed using our modular, flat-packed Structural Integrated Panels (SIPs) system, we then deliver and coordinate the installation of our building fabrics into the building contracts for our projects.


We work with a range of builders to deliver our projects and are always interested in expanding our builder network and registering builders in new locations. We have structured a three-step builder registration process to determine if the way your company work fits with the projects we do, with a submission of the questions below forming the first step in this registration process.

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Our model for working with the builders we register is based on you nominating areas you work in so that we can contact you to ask your interest in projects we have in these areas. We are not supporters of competitive tendering for residential projects and engage our builders by putting forward two registered firms to our clients prior to lodging Town Planning applications. This gives our clients time to research the firms and we request a brief meeting so they may meet you at this stage of the process. Our process puts forward only two builders for each project and our builders save significant time and money in not having to do marketing or submit tenders to win projects.

We then ask our clients to select a builder for the project prior to documentation commencing. Once you have won a project at this stage, we ask to work with you through an initial pricing return in the middle of the documentation process, followed by full costing and contracting of the project when documentation is complete.

Our design process provides more effective cost control than traditional architecture and we know that if we can keep alignment with the supervision and margin cost bases our builders use, we are able to take our projects through to contract smoothly without the common budget blowouts of architecture. This aligns with our general approach of not reinventing the wheel with bespoke designs for every detail, but developing and refining systems to build in smarter and more efficient ways.


When we get to pricing our projects in the second half of the Documentation stage, we provide our builders with:

  • Fabric Installation Drawings - wall and roof panel layout plans, 3D views and a detailed panel schedule.
  • Fabric Quote and Take-offs - quote for the supply of wall and roof panels, as well as a take-off of LVL plates and the other elements needed to finish our external walls.
  • Installation Schedule - a schedule of the labour and time required to install the wall and roof panels.
Fabric model image.png

This information provides you with the full specification, pricing and ordering of the external walls and roof structure of the design, including insulation and cladding. This significantly reduces the time you need to spend pricing, ordering and taking delivery of these major elements of the building.


We use MBA or HIA plain English contracts for our projects. We undertake fortnightly site visits for projects around Melbourne, and structure less frequent site attendance and use online conferencing for interstate and more remote builds. We manage client relationships and fitting selections throughout the build, leaving our builders to get on with the job of construction.

We then work with our builders to coordinate the supply of our wall and roof panels into the building schedule. This includes helping resolve the logistics of panel deliveries, site access, panel pallet placement and any craneage that may be required for larger scale roofs.

We provide full training and support in our construction system for firms building with us for the first time. Knowing that you do not have time to attend training sessions, we have developed an on-site training model where we send an experienced carpenter to work with you on the first few days of the wall panel installation. This has proven to be a time and cost effective way to learn the sequence and details of our system while building your first house using our system.

become a REGISTERED habitech builder

Demand for Habitech homes is growing. We are continually seeking like-minded builders that share our vision for building stronger and better insulated homes in a smarter and faster way. 

We have a process to register aligned builders in the geographic areas we are currently working in, as well as recording interest from other areas as we expand our operations further. We may have upcoming projects in your area that can form part of looking at how you can work with us, or if we can understand the basics about your company we will register you for the areas you work in and contact you when future projects come up.

In the interim, we will stay in contact with a bi-annual newsletter and information on when our building fabrics can be viewed during installation, or at the Open Days we hold when some of our projects are at lock-up stage. 

To learn more about how you can work with us, please complete and submit the Expression of Interest questions below. Once we've received your application we will be in touch with further information about our system and the next steps in our Builder Registration process.

Responses are kept strictly confidential and we do not sell information to third parties in any way.

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Expression of Interest Questions