andrei's house - new zealand


andrei's house - nz

LiteGreen Concept House - Ground Floor Plan

LiteGreen Concept House - Ground Floor Plan

Brief:  Family Home - 4 Bedroom

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Climate:  Cool Temperate

Architect:  Alessandro Quadrelli

Area:  209m2 + Garage + Decks

Following our meeting of minds with Lite Green in New Zealand, we have been working with them on the Lite Green Concept House in Christchurch. The Habitech panels left Melbourne a little over a month ago to cross the Tasman Sea, after a careful packing job at the factory, and have now been installed on site by the excited carpentry crew. 

This has been designed in collaboration with Alessandro Quadrelli, an Italian architect based in New Zealand and shows off his classic Modernist style. The style also perfectly complements our own design taste and the modular nature of the Habitech construction fabric. 

The design can be described as two solid pavilions of spaces, to be clad in timber battening, joined by a roofed deck of living and kitchen space. This will have very large sliding glazing to enclose it for the NZ winter months, allowing wide views over the garden that flows through the house.

Decking also runs around both pavilions with shading canopy roof providing deep eaves cover to east and west facades. The design provides great flexibility of spaces, with the first configuration to be a northern master suite and southern further bedrooms, a separate snug and media space, with services, laundry and bathrooms. 

The building will of course be super-insulated with both the Habitech wall panels and a similar roofing panel, all completed with double and some triple glazing. While the MgO external finish of the wall panels has been delivered as plain faced, the facades will be overclad in timber battens in this case, in line with the original concept of the house. While there is more steel involved here than we usually use, due to the wide spans of roof, the wall panels have made the installation on site so much faster than expected by the crew in Christchurch that they are now looking forward to using the system on their own houses soon. Look out for the M-Place house on this website very soon as its design is finished ready to get onto site following this one.

The house is now under construction with all wall panels and framing structure complete. Can't wait to see the Kiwis celebrate on the deck in their beautiful new home!

Images 1-17: Danny Nelson Photography