Alpine HOUSE

Alpine House


Brief:  Rural Family Home - 3 Bedrooms + Study

Location: Near Mansfield, Victoria

Climate:  Alpine, 980m above sea level

Architect:  Third Skin

Area:  193m2 + decks 27m2 + carport 56m2

Sited with stunning southern views over Mt Buller and the Great Diving Range, the house is designed to settle into the contours of the land, creating a sheltered northern courtyard back into the slope.

Southern views are featured through the dining area, and specifically controlled and framed in other spaces. Access to northern light is maximised, with living areas featuring a raked ceiling designed to allow winter sunshine into the depth of the building.

The house will be autonomous on the site, producing its own power with a PV solar array, capturing rainwater, and treating and disposing of wastewater with an on-site gravity fed system. 


Feedback From Our Valued Clients

“Thanks to all at Habitech. After almost giving up on finding a way to build sustainably, affordably and appropriately on our unique site with it's sub-alpine climate, we were incredibly pleased to find Chris and the team at Habitech, and importantly, the SIP building system they were refining for local conditions.

Throughout the whole process from the initial design, right through the unique and efficient build and down to the finishing detail, the whole team were incredibly helpful, professional and the guidance they provided was invaluable. They were able to meet all aspects of our quite extensive design brief.

In a very timely manner they delivered a house that functions to the highest standards and having now spent a winter and summer in the house, we couldn't be happier with its thermal performance, energy efficiencies and the fact that it has met all of our aspirations for a sustainable and beautiful home.

It's a wonderful family home and our kids love it! ”