Environmentally sustainable design, manufacture, construction and living - that's a Habitech Home.

Habitech's modular building system delivers a leap forward in lowering the environmental impact and raising the energy efficiency of Australian housing. 

From design through to material selection, manufacture, transportation and construction, our sustainable homes minimise environmental impact at every opportunity.


Design – All our homes are designed to ensure maximum energy efficiency, utilising smart design, appropriate components and technology to achieve this.

Material Selection - We utilise sustainable building materials, including plantation grown timber & magnesium oxide cladding boards, both working to take carbon out of the atmosphere.

Manufacture - Factory manufactured building components – significantly reduces energy and materials wastage in building a house.

Transportation Our panel components are delivered ‘flat packed’ to site, minimising CO2 emissions caused by travel and logistics.

Construction – Our modular homes are constructed quickly and efficiently and require minimal cranage or motorised machinery to construct, again minimising CO2 emissions.

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Live smarter, live sustainably - invest in a Habitech home.



When completed, our modular, super insulated homes continue to operate in a sustainable and energy efficient way, with minimal maintenance required.

Our homes incorporate comfort and service technologies, working together with the passive performance of the high quality building fabrics we use, to minimise energy demands and costs.