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Strength, Quality, High Performance – Habitech Systems


Habitech is a new Australian modular design and building system that creates modern, super strong and highly insulated homes.

Factory production of Habitech’s building components allows for an extremely high level of quality control – much higher than quality standards achieved on a building site. These components are delivered to site in a flat-pack format, then fitted together to get your home to lock-up in a matter of weeks, not months.


Our system draws on 30 years of proven Structural Integrated Panel (SIPs) technology, which we have refined for Australian conditions. Our wall panels are made of composite timber/Magnesium Oxide which, in comparison to traditional stud framing, have been independently certified to have over:
• 800% of the bearing capacity - ability to carry loads
• 580% of the bending strength - bracing against wind loads
• 200% of the bending stiffness - minimising movement

Quality is a Habitech Home


With over 20 years of experience in sustainable architecture and ESD consulting, we understand the benefits of high performance houses.

Habitech utilises the fine tolerances of factory manufacturing to produce Panellised Insulation with minimal gaps. This maximises effectiveness of the insulation to far greater than traditional batts and blankets.



Our approach focusses on delivering our components to create super-strong and super-insulated houses - offering our clients next-generation sustainability performance. Designed to get a house weather tight and secure quickly, our sustainable building system is fast and cost-effective, delivering homes with more generous proportions than traditionally built homes.

• 2.7m high ceilings and 2.4m window head heights as standard
• 170mm thick walls instead of 90mm frames
• Full height, floor to ceiling, internal doors - allowing for effective ventilation.