Benefits of the Habitech System

Custom Designed

Being a modular system allows us the freedom to design individual houses, tailored to specific building sites and client lifestyles.


More Environmentally Sustainable

The timber used in constructing our homes traps 8.3kg of carbon from the atmosphere per kg of timber used - this is compared to the 3.2kg CO2e emitted for each kg of steel used in a building.

All our homes are designed and constructed to ensure maximum energy efficiency, utilising appropriate components and technology to achieve this.



Faster To Build

Habitech gets a house to lock-up (weather sealed and secure) in a matter of weeks, typically reducing the time taken to build a house by 2-3 months. This provides significant benefits, limiting the disturbance and relocation costs that the building process inevitably creates in our clients' lives. 



Stronger, Better Quality Houses

Habitech's modular construction system has been fully engineered to Australian Standards and to meet the requirements of the National Construction Code of Australia (formerly the BCA).

In comparison to traditional stud framing, Habitech's innovative composite timber/Magnesium Oxide board wall panels have been independently certified to have over:

  • 800% of the bearing capacity - ability to carry loads
  • 580% of the bending strength - bracing against wind loads
  • 200% of the bending stiffness - minimising movement



Cheaper To Run

The thermal performance of a Habitech building will reduce heating and cooling energy by 60-70%, compared to a 6 Star house, with little additional active heating or cooling needed.

This is achieved utilising:

  • Super insulated walls and roofs - creating thermally stable spaces 
  • Good orientation
  • Solar passive design
  • Insulated concrete slab
  • Integrated heating/cooling/ventilation systems
  • LED lighting technology



More comfortable

Consistently stable indoor temperatures mean greater comfort for you and your family.



Healthier spaces

Effective cross-ventilation paths and integrated heat recovery systems are a base tenant of all our house designs.

These systems allow moist and stale air to be exhausted from the building, with over 90% of the heat or cool being transferred to incoming fresh air.


Cost effective to build

While not revolutionising the cost of housing at our current scale of operation, the Habitech systems delivers a much higher quality building for the same cost as standard construction.