Why Habitech?

Habitech has developed an innovative system of high-quality manufactured building components that are delivered to site in a flat-pack format. These then fit together to get a house to lock-up (weathertight and secure) in a matter of weeks, not months.

Our system draws on 30 years of proven Structural Integrated Panel (SIPs) technology, which we have refined for Australian conditions and trade skills.

Habitech is unique in delivering the full cladding of the building as part of our panel system.


At the same cost as traditional design and building options, Habitech's system delivers architecturally designed buildings that are:

  • custom designed
  • more environmentally sustainable
  • faster to build
  • stronger, better quality
  • cheaper to run
  • more comfortable
  • healthier - utilising heat recovery ventilation
  • cost effective to build

Habitech's modular system is ideal for designing a range of different housing models, including individual houses, extensions and small commercial offices.