Come along to see a current Habitech project under construction and experience the design and spaces our modular system creates.

Our solar extension in Hawthorn is the closest we can offer to a Habitech "display home" at the moment - showcasing the design and quality of our sustainable, modular homes. Still under construction with our wall panel system still exposed prior to plastering, it is a great chance to view and understand how the speed and quality of modular system works. 

The Solar Extension is a project where 21 Century building brings a new life to an elegant 1890's house - renovating the existing double brick house and extending to the rear. With a crisp meeting of new and old forms, the modern extension not only houses new living areas opening onto the garden, but will also provide the majority of the energy used in the house.

The design maintains northern light to the original house, including two glass walled shower stalls projecting into an enclosed 120 y/o brick courtyard.

Join us at this project Open Day to see our modular panels are implemented during construction and how design can be effectively used to extend your home in a faster and more sustainable way.

Open Day

DATE :            Saturday 21st March 
TIME:              11:00am - 3:30pm  
LOCATION :   27 Henrietta St, Hawthorn  


Join us for this unique opportunity to see how modular technologies and design can work together to provide a quality product and lifestyle, in a much more sustainable way.

All are very welcome - we look forward to see you there!

Habitech Systems - developing 21st Century housing in Australia and growing a new clean-tech manufacturing sector in Victoria.