What do our houses cost?

Habitech's modular system is purposely designed to allow for design flexibility, so the cost of our completed houses does vary.

Our completed houses cost less than traditionally built equivalents, and while at our current scale we cannot compete cost wise with volume builders, we deliver a much higher quality house, quickly and more efficiently. 

An environmentally sustainable Habitech home also provides real value as a long-term investment, saving you significantly on on-going operating costs, especially over a 10 year timescale.  



Cost control that works

At Habitech we are completely upfront about identifying all the costs associated with completing and moving into your home.

We provide a diligent cost control process as part of our initial engagement stage.

Establishing Design, Construction and Total Project Budgets initially enables us to transparently identify and manage all the costs involved in delivering your house, including:  

  • Design Fees
  • Sub-consultant fees
  • Authority Fees
  • Construction Costs
  • Wider costs for items required prior to moving in 

We engage a Quantity Surveyor (QS) at both the initial and documentation stage of the design process, to provide an independent costing of the full design and ensure it can be built to budget.

While at this stage we don't offer standardised kitchens, bathrooms or fit-out components, we do work with a range of standard joinery and stairs that we are able to price accurately and easily as part of our  specification process. Our engagement with builders also allows us to access practical advice on the supply realities and pricing of specific design and detailing options. 



Design Fees

Habitech design fees are clearly set out in the Scope of Services & Fees document we provide, and include allowances for all sub-consultant & authority fees. 

Our fees are based on a percentage of the construction cost for the works we are designing and delivering, typically around 8-15% depending on the scale of the project.  We believe that the rates are very competitive providing full design, documentation and building management fees compare to those of other Architecture sectors of the Australian housing market.


Construction costs

At Habitech, our modular design approach provides a high level of cost surety for the delivery of our components at early design stages, compared to that of the traditional architectural process.

The diagram below shows our assessment of current Melbourne housing costs and what different levels of housing design cost to build, as per m2 figures for completed building contract prices.


Housing Prices - Construction Costs.jpg


With a well designed three bedroom + study/flexible space house, commonly requiring 180-200m2 of internal area, our system provides outstanding value for clients with building budgets of $450,000+ to create a unique, architecturally designed family home. 

We are able to deliver smaller homes, holiday houses and studio designs for smaller budgets.

The design flexibility of our systems also makes Habitech's flat-packed and hand liftable system ideal for extension briefs.