The building process

Our services include engaging a builder to construct your house, managing the process of delivering the contract and ensuring it is built is to the quality of the specifications.

We are currently working with a number of builders and are able to manage quoting and contract engagement to suit your specific requirements and location:

  • Melb metro and surrounds - we are able to organise one or more of our builders to quote on your design.
  • Regional Victoria & all other Australian States- we are able to work with a builder you have, or find a suitably qualified local firm to quote on your house design.

For builders who have not worked with our system before, we provide clear documentation and costing information, as well as training and support in the installation of our components.


Your desired involvement

At Habitech we understand that many clients do not require full architectural services and are looking for design and building options to suit their unique circumstances.

We are happy to structure our design services to fit the level of involvement you may wish to have in the project. Many clients wish to manage elements of the fit-out themselves. While always striving to ensure there is a process that will deliver a high quality outcome, we appreciate some clients have the skills, time and interest to be actively engaged in elements of the process and are happy to work with you in whatever way you wish.