Come along and experience the design and space that Habitech's flat-packed architectural  system can create, at one of our projects that is nearing completion in Brooklyn, 10km from the CBD in western Melbourne.

This 3-bedroom family home brilliantly showcases the design and quality of our sustainable homes, with the clients taking a minimalist approach to the interiors that includes expressing the structure of the building. 

The building will not be quite finished, which will allow you to experience the space and understand the design and building behind the Habitech system. We seek to offer more than a lifestyle based event that only features the latest furnishings and light fittings. While the interiors will be unpainted for the Open Day, the clean lines and aesthetic that they create is clear - and of course our fabric is performing in a passive mode already.

We have designed the house for Luke Mutton and Kylie Mackinlay, who have fitted-out and operated a number of hospitality venues, including Dead Man Espresso and Common Galaxia (named after a fish that lives in the Maribyrnong River), and their latest venture, Sun Moth Canteen & Bar in Niagara Lane in the CBD.

Luke and Kylie have sought to lower the environmental impact of their new home by using our modular system in a pure form, expressing the inner plywood face of our panels and steel bracing elements in the interiors of the building. The result tells a story of 'less stuff' and creates a lovely sense of warmth as you walk into the space.

The site is 5 minutes over the Westgate Bridge from the CBD, just to the north of the Millers Road exit. 

The house has been built by FIDO Projects, who have worked with our clients before and build a range of high end hospitality and house projects with some of Melbourne's leading architects. FIDO have a great commitment to quality and the craft of building. Their core values lie in the sustainability of their operations and can be seen in the way that their sites are run. They have ensured our modular fabric has been installed and sealed perfectly, with beautiful work on carpentry details.

More of FIDO's work can be viewed here

Join us at our latest project Open Day to see how our flat-packed architectural houses come together to deliver not only new levels of super insulated energy efficiency, but spaces with a unique sense of comfort and light.

Spaces that have to be experienced.

Open Day

DATE :            Saturday 18th July 2015
TIME:              10:30am - 3:30pm  
LOCATION :   31 Cypress Avenue, Brooklyn  


All are very welcome - we look forward to seeing you there!

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